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Types of Forex Brokers You Need to Know About

There are various types of Forex brokers available for you to choose from when you start Forex trading so it can be difficult to pick out the best one, especially if you are a beginner. They range from illegal trading floors to international award-winning Forex brokers that have direct access to the market. You may be one of the lucky ones that has been told which broker to use through your schooling or you may be a beginner that simply doesn’t know where to even start searching. Whatever your situation, the list below will simplify and direct you towards various types of Forex brokers that are available to you:

Retail Forex brokers (market makers) – these are used the most, especially with new traders. Accounts can be easily created online and deposits as small as $100 can be made in order to start trading. The functionalities available are great and the process of trading is quite simple. Be advised to shop around and find out what each broker offers. This could be factors such as live support or instant buy/sell into the market; some could have a small delay depending on their market access which can be quite frustrating.

Institutional Forex brokers (market makers) – The sales angle these types of brokers use is their even more direct access to the market. Unfortunately, because of this feature they require large amounts of capital in order to start trading. Similarly to the above they are also perfect for beginners but because of the large capital requirement, they are usually side-lined until people acquire larger amounts of cash.

Institutional Forex brokers (non-market makers) – unless you are working in a bank you will not have access to these brokers. Large number if international banks trade in this manner where the access is direct to the interbank market.

Spread betters -these are currently only legal in a few countries – this does not include USA. The way in which they make money is different to the traditional manner. Instead of making money on their winnings, they make their money on the spread between two currencies. They usually also include the ability to trade other products like stocks, indices or commodities. As the trade you are putting is a bet in this instance your winnings are not taxable; if you have another form of employment.

The above list and explanations should give you a good idea about the different type of Forex brokers available for your perusal. Just remember to do your research and speak to a few brokers first; before you make a decision on which one to go with. You should probably review your account every year to see if better offers are available elsewhere to make your Forex trading cheaper.

Source by Dragan Lukic

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